Bungalow No. 5
Ashoka Road

Wedding Venue in Central Delhi

5 Ashoka Road in Central Delhi is one of the most convenient venues for all sizes of gatherings and is also suitable for weddings & other marriage functions. This venue near India Gate. permits Wedding Horse (घोड़ी ), Civil band, Wedding Rituals (फेरे) & Wedding Receptions.

As per the booking guidelines, the ministry has made seven categories of applicants, including members of Parliament, central government employees and others, who are eligible to book the bungalow for wedding ceremonies and parties. Availability & booking policies keep on updating so please visit office for latest information.

Rooms for Stay (complimentary)

There is a complimentary room provided with booking for hosts to stay or use as bridal green room or as waiting room.

Capacity 1000 Guests Approx.
Allowed Allowed Mare (घोड़ी/Horse), Wedding Rituals (फेरे), Reception, Civil Band
Covered Area Not Available
Alcohol Allowed
Parking Valet parking
DJ Permitted till 10:00 pm only
Music live band, Instrumental music till 10:00 PM only
Booking Nirman Bhawan Estate Office, ESampada App, ESampada Website
Accomodation Rooms available inside premise as per availability. Extra Rooms can be booked in various hotels nearby